Rules of Play Charity Appeal Lottery

Rules BC LCC: #126541

Problem Gambling Help Line: 1-888-795-6111,
Know your limit, play within it
19+ to play
BC LCC: #126541

The prize winners will be drawn automatically at 8PM on the day of the draw and they must be of legal age (must be 19+ to play).


Winners are responsible for costs associated with the delivery and claiming of prizes.

Presence at the draw is not a condition of winning.

Winners will be officially notified at the address or phone number on the ticket and will be displayed on the website the day after at and

Knights of Columbus (BC) Charity Foundation Board members, State Charity Appeal Chairman, and Foundation Chairman are not permitted to purchase tickets.

Subscription is subject to the provisions of the Knights of Columbus Charity Appeal Lottery and every ticket remains the property of the said Lottery until the subscription has been received and accepted by the Knights of Columbus Charity Appeal office.

In the event of an act of God, strikes, lockouts or any consequences which make it impossible to carry out the terms of the agreement, reference will be made to the Knights of Columbus (BC) Charity Foundation P.O. Box 78043 Grandview PO Vancouver, BC V5N 5W1

For general inquiries, please phone 604-216-7272 or e-mail

For a list of winners, please phone 604-216-7760.

Purchasers must be 19+ to play.
Chances are 1 in 200,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize
Actual odds depend on number of tickets sold